​At InnovateGreen we are on the mission to research in detail on environmental impact and identify multiple problems with their root cause.

We will study and approach each problem in an innovative way to identify a technological solution helping resolve those problems.

These solutions can be starting from eCommerce portal, IT software, IT hardware, automated processes utilizing IT and IoT tools, mobile technologies, database and datawarehousing technologies, electrical and power technologies, energy technologies, water, air technologies and many more.

Our approach is to ensure each impact to environment is sensed, measured, recorded and reported to create an accountability framework.

Once data is captured and available, it can be utilized in multiple ways to create different analytical framework support a lot of decision making to our customers.

Our mission is to create awareness, represent facts, help customers to have their commitments for environmental savings. Our products and technologies to help our customers to achieve their commitment to the environment in terms of saving on trees cut, reduction in land, water, air pollution, reduction in CO2 emission.

Our mission is to reach to all possible customers starting from consumers, governments, industries, individuals, sellers, manufacturers, marketers and so on.

Each one and everyone on this planet to have a technological support to reduce impact on environment and get credits and rewards as a part of recognition.​


​We are on the mission to innovate green technologies, processes and ultimately develop committed people who will adopt and adapt these in day to day business and lifestyle.​