This product will help in real time measuring, monitoring & reporting of fossil fuel consumption and CO2 emission in vehicles while moving. Backend research analysts to help individuals and industries to improve on efficiencies and methods. Backend product research also to help consumers in selecting correct controlling and correction products to reduce CO2 emission and reducing fossil fuel consumption.​

PowerGreen (Under design & development, trademark and Patent application in progress)

This product will be a credit tracking platform for all the customers including individuals, families (home), industries and manufacturers, institutions etc. All of the savings of environment utilizing technologies, products and lifestyle to get registered and recorded under CreditGreen platform. These credits can be made tradeable with buying selling to help industries and manufacturers increase their reputation and rating. A platform can help image building, marketing advantage by buying more Green Credits and individuals and small group can get benefitted by encashing these credits by selling it in the market using this platform. This technology and platform will have no human intervention in between while generating, reporting, buying and selling credits. These will be completely automated at backend.​

CreditGreen (Under design & development, trademark and patent application in progress)

This product will help in utilizing recycled power to consumers and reduce utilization of thermal OR conventional power sources. Thus help in reducing CO2 emission. This product to have unique feature of using it anywhere with OR without main grid power. Automatic detection and record to help identify how much time recycled power was utilized and how much time conventional power. It also to give realtime reporting of complete power utilization in mobile and internet platforms.​

MoveGreen (Under design & development, trademark and Patent application in progress)

RecycleGreen (Patent Pending India - Application Number 201721026136)

This product will help integrating all source of natural resources required to run a home. Measure it, record and have reported to analyze environmental impact. Reporting both on mobile and internet. Backend research and analysis to help customers choose further product, process OR learning to reduce impact on environment.​


​A lot many innovative Green products, solutions and technologies are under design and development. Many of these are under trademark and patent application processes.

This product will help municipalities, governments, townships and institutions to have full automation of garbage collection, segregation, packing, weighing, systematic movement between garbage collection points to disposal units. Municipalities, governments can reward citizens, customers who participate in this using a fully automated system with smart bins and mobile app. This will help in increasing quality of waste having segregation at source and will help in having good quality product while recycling.
Most importantly having reward system to citizens will motivate and promote to not to throw garbage on roads, public places and ensure cleanliness across.​

This product will help consumers to select and purchase products by logging in. Our research analysts will do an indepth research for each product and will help customers to choose product as per their environmental targets & commitment.​ Visit

GarbageGreen (Under design & development, trademark and Patent application in progress)

HomeGreen (Under design & development, trademark and Patent application in progress)